Allstate’s “Mayhem” has met his match in Tina Fey.

Allstate’s “Mayhem” has met his match in Tina Fey. 700 467 Darcy L Bouzeos

Mayhem is back – but in an interesting twist, he’s up against Tina Fey and he doesn’t fare as well.

For ten years, Mayhem (actor Dean Winters) has wreaked havoc on everything and everyone he gets near.

But in the new campaign, Fey plays a driver who has a helpful tool at her disposal against Mayhem.
By using Drivewise, a product that tracks how carefully someone drives and then offers perks, Fey is able to ignore the annoying and disruptive behavior of Mayhem.

The spots include Winters playing an energetic puppy trying to distract Fey as she drives and in another one, he depicts a critical
mother-in-law lobbing cutting remarks at her in an attempt to have her lose her focus on the road.

Winters and Fey have history together, as he played one of her boyfriends on “30 Rock”.
Their great chemistry makes for very funny and attention-getting commercials – and it is an effective use of a celebrity endorser.

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