How Kate Winslet’s voice-over helps illuminate the “Shadow Pandemic” of domestic abuse

How Kate Winslet’s voice-over helps illuminate the “Shadow Pandemic” of domestic abuse 703 405 Darcy L Bouzeos

Companies often use recognizable and soothing voices of celebrities to “voice over” their commercials.
It’s a common tactic which adds an implicit endorsement of that particular celebrity to a corporate message.

Non-profits also benefit from using voice-over talent because a celebrity’s alignment through even just their voice, can add a dimension of credibility and notoriety to a cause. A great example of this is Kate Winslet’s narration in a UN Women’s UNstereotype alliance campaign to spotlight domestic violence.

The campaign “Shadow Pandemic” was filmed across homes in 14 countries and uses Winslet’s voice to detail the alarming upsurge in domestic abuse during the pandemic.

The spot provides a glimpse into homes and domestic environments, showing a pan of boiling water on a stove, an unmade bed and toys in a box, which all seem innocent at first, but then the reality of being trapped in a home with an abuser becomes clear.

Sadly, even before the pandemic, violence against women has been commonplace throughout the world.
However since the lockdown, domestic violence has multiplied and the need for services to protect women including economic support to shelters, has increased dramatically.

The use of Winslet’s voice in such an important message accomplishes one of the key components of marketing.

Her voice helps grab the listener’s attention.  And hopefully, it saves some lives.

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