Intuit smartly uses Danny DeVito in its “Backing You” campaign.

Intuit smartly uses Danny DeVito in its “Backing You” campaign. 1024 576 Darcy L Bouzeos

Intuit’s product QuickBooks is all about helping small business owners and the self-employed save time and money. So, in its continuing multi-channel campaign “Backing You”, it brilliantly positions Danny DeVito as a “coach” for this targeted group.

DeVito humorously shares insights with a variety of professionals on how to use QuickBooks tools to run the day-to-day needs of their respective businesses.  He cheers on (and sometimes yells) practical advice to real-life small business owners including an electrician, a personal fitness trainer and a doggy daycare owner.

DeVito’s presence, which is always funny in and of itself, along with his caustic delivery of the clever copy, makes for a very entertaining and captivating spot.

This campaign is a spot-on example of how brands can best utilize an appealing celebrity to help communicate a message in a fun and informative way.

Great job Intuit!

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