Is Gordon Ramsay a “fake” brand ambassador for South Korean Cass Beer?

Is Gordon Ramsay a “fake” brand ambassador for South Korean Cass Beer? 697 425 Darcy L Bouzeos

Gordon Ramsay has recently been slammed for his participation in an endorsement campaign for Cass beer.
Many Twitter users are saying they “don’t believe for a minute that Ramsay enjoys Cass beer”.

Owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cass is the #1 beer brand in South Korea, although it’s supposedly known for its blandness and frequently called the “world’s worst beer”.

Now, I’ve never tasted Cass beer, nor do I have any personal knowledge of Ramsay’s taste bud preferences – however herein lies the challenge of selecting brand ambassadors.

Celebrities like Ramsay develop a persona – and his is that of having discerning and exceptional standards.  An expectation by consumers therefore exists that Ramsay will align with products that embody good taste and excellence.

Consumers are very savvy and recognize that although celebrities and athletes are compensated and don’t endorse products out of the goodness of their hearts, they need to be authentic.

There should be a reaction from consumers of “Yes, that feels right.” For instance, I can see George Clooney drinking Nespresso.

But if a celebrity gets in bed with a product that consumers feel is so far-fetched, there will be blow back as we’re now seeing with Ramsay and Cass beer.

Ramsay has countered this criticism by saying he drank Cass long before he was approached to sign on and that the beer is a great compliment to Korean food.  However, people don’t appear to be buying it.

Instead of drawing positive attention to Cass beer, the buzz around Ramsay’s involvement is that he’s lost credibility by being a spokesperson for a cheap and mass-marketed beer.

Ramsay, known for his “Kitchen Nightmares”’ TV series, appears to be having his own nightmare right now.

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