Brita and brand ambassador Steph Curry tackle Cyberbullying

Brita and brand ambassador Steph Curry tackle Cyberbullying 711 400 Darcy L Bouzeos

More and more brands are structuring their spokesperson deals with celebrities and athletes to include a social cause, especially as consumers are quite vocal that they choose products based upon a company’s social footprint.

So when Brita partnered with the non-profit Cybersmile Foundation, which focuses on eliminating cyberbullying, it was a great move to utilize its endorser Steph Curry as the face of the campaign, “The Filtered Life – Filter Your Feed”.

Curry is featured in social posts and videos to draw attention to cyberbullying and hate speech, along with Brita’s creation of a Twitter tool that allows users to filter out words like “gross”, “idiot”, “stupid” and “ugly”.

Not only is Curry’s wholesome and polite image a perfect alignment with the campaign’s message, but it’s terrific timing since Curry is lighting it up on the court during the NBA playoffs (the Warriors lead the Spurs 2-0).

Curry is currently one of the most appealing endorsers in the marketplace and Brita continues to capitalize on their relationship.

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