Brands should be kicking down Adam Vinatieri’s endorsement door.

Brands should be kicking down Adam Vinatieri’s endorsement door. 700 400 Darcy L Bouzeos

For those of you not familiar with Adam Vinatieri, he’s a placekicker with the Indianapolis Colts and at 43, the oldest player in the NFL.
That’s impressive in and of itself in a sport where the median age is 26.

But, Vinatieri is also at the top of his game.

This year he’s made 89.5% of his field goals and on Sunday, he nailed one from 52 yards.  Even if you don’t follow football, that is wickedly good.

His career accomplishments represent every characteristic that for decades, brands have looked for in its spokespersons;  talent, consistency, dedication, reliability and success.
He has won four super bowl rings (three with the Patriots and one with the Colts) and is a solid family man with a clean record off the field.

So, what gives?  Why aren’t we seeing him in more national endorsements?

Well, it may be “that age thing”.  There is so much emphasis on younger demographics that an athlete nearing his AARP membership may not be as appealing to marketing executives. Or, it may be the quantity of his social numbers. (Vinatieri currently has 48,000 Twitter followers- not bad,  but often there is a myopic focus on social numbers to the exclusion of other qualities.)

In this era of brands and agencies being attracted to the “it” person  during their 15 minutes of fame, individuals like Vinatieri  are often overlooked.

Hey, I’m not even his agent.
I just would like to see a return to brands selecting endorsers based upon talent, accomplishment and character.

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