Throwback Thursday: Got the Bugs, But Missed Some Other Things.

Throwback Thursday: Got the Bugs, But Missed Some Other Things. 600 324 Darcy L Bouzeos

It was 1989, and the brand RAID was doing good work for the Chicago Housing Authority. There was a small infestation problem in the Henry Horner Homes housing project so the PR firm for RAID devised an innovative concept and came to DLB for its execution.

The PR team and DLB decided that a great “hook” would be to secure a local sport star to entice the residents to come outside for autographs and photographs while RAID was sprayed throughout the complex. DLB recommended and secured Horace Grant, who was a player on the soon-to-be Championship Chicago Bulls team.

Looking back, it was a very successful event, however a few things were missed. It was early in the personal appearance planning days, and the big turnout of residents was not fully contemplated. As a result, food and drinks were in short supply and there weren’t enough additional activities for the residents beyond the autograph signing with Horace Grant. Horace did a great job and RAID was quite pleased with the event, but the execution could have been a bit stronger.

Lesson learned: Always plan for the unexpected. Attendance may be greater or less than originally planned. Do the attendees have enough to do? Are the activities appropriate for their interests and ages? Think through the dynamics of the event and plan accordingly.

I still cross paths with one of the PR executives from this early event and we fondly recall this event and the lessons we learned.


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